40 = The average number of hours per year we have with each child that comes through our doors.

When we put others first, sometimes we’ll have to make sacrifices. We might sacrifice our pride. We might sacrifice our wants. But nothing we sacrifice will compare with the great sacrifice Jesus made for us.

Week One:

Jesus serves His disciples by washing their feet (John 13:1-17).

Bottom Line:

I can put others first by serving them. Serving others often means taking the dirty jobs that no one else wants to do.

Week Two:

Peter wanted to take action and fight in the garden, but he didn’t wait to consider what Jesus wanted (John 18:1-11).

Bottom Line:

I can put others first by giving up what I want. We show humility when we allow others to choose what they want before we make a choice.

Week Three:

Jesus humbled Himself and became obedient to death on a cross (John 18:12 – 20:23).

Bottom Line:

I should put others first because Jesus put others first. It cost Jesus everything to put us first. His humility can inspire us to help someone else, even when it costs us something.

Week Four:

Jesus doesn’t have to forgive Peter, but chooses to make things right and restore His relationship with Peter (John 21:1-19).

Bottom Line:

I can put others first by making things right. Be the first to go to the person and ask for their forgiveness.