Global & Local Missions


Daniel Lemes is our team leader for Bluefields, Nicaragua. Daniel is the Founding Director of the International School of Music that equips churches and locals to teach music in their city based from the church setting. Daniel just returned from Nicaragua where he co-founded the first School and equipped four musicians from Haiti.

Daniel partners with our American Baptist Missionaries, Ketley and Vital Pierre
Contact: Daniel Lemes, Director, International School of Music


First Baptist Church has entered its third year of partnership with Faith Children’s Home in Lugazi, Uganda. Pastor Hudson Suubi makes regular trips to the US to raise awareness and support. A team from FBC went to Uganda in February, 2010 and filmed report that is available upon request detailing the sustainability plan for the Children’s Home.
Debbie Price just returned from Lugazi having accompanied a team of students from Westmont College to build a long-term project base in Lugazi, with the children and staff of Faith.

ABC International Missions

First Baptist Church is affiliated with International Ministries which is a sending agency of the church for nearly 55 missionaries and other missional agencies in 73 countries.


Network Medical

We believe in the unique work of Network Medical. This team nurses and patient advocates provide a confidential, loving setting to make informed, loving decisions. They assist families with unplanned pregnancies in Santa Barbara by providing education, birth classes, new baby care classes, family material good assistance and free ultra-sounds and STD testing. We are partnering with other churches in Santa Barbara to carry out this vital ministry whose goal is to end abortion in our county.

Common Ground Santa Barbara

The First Baptist family is participating with the City and Church of Santa Barbara to house the 100 most vulnerable members of our homeless community.  When the Vulnerability Index Survey was completed in 2011 Common Ground had more than 500 volunteers contact 1,536 people and 1,143 surveys where completed. Of the surveyed participants, it was found that 932 (79%) of people were vulnerable with high mortality risk if they remain on the streets. As of January 2013,  108 people have been housed, including 17 vulnerable families. It takes hard work and collaboration from volunteers and partner organizations to house the most vulnerable in Santa Barbara County.

Our goal, includes partnering with Jeff Shaffer and Uffizi Mission Santa Barbara, and other churches to provide relationships and resources to our houseless friends in addition to spiritual and physical food.

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Uffizi Mission Santa Barbara: